Meet Our Owner

Dave Diaz​

Artist, Musician, Designer

Born: June 15, 1967 - Miami, Florida  USA

    ART:       My mind is constantly being barraged by images, scenes  and new ideas.   My insatiable appetite for personal discovery is the driving force behind the continuous obsession to create new and challenging works of art.    As a self taught artist, I developed a unique style of painting which has evolved throughout the years .    Throughout my lifetime I have produced over 1000 paintings  many of which have been exhibited in several galleries, in Florida, New York and Valencia, Spain.    My recent works (2011 - present) are  products of experimentation with several different mediums such as acrylics, epoxy, resin, fiber glass, poly coat and natural elements such as stone, tile and wood on ply boards and wooden panels to create 3D image paintings.  These works can be viewed at:  


 MUSIC:       From 2011 to 2017, I abandoned my paintbrush and started recording original music.   As front man and vocalist for the band Core, from 1992 - 1998, and several other bands  until the end of 2009, I discovered the deep rooted passion in the power of music.  Never having learned to master an instrument, the possibility  of producing music and creating songs all on my own seemed  an unachievable task.   Persistency and an unwillingness to fail produced results.   In the  summer of 2011 with only a laptop a microphone and many lonely nights spent in  hotel rooms around the state of Florida, I created The Acid Bat Project.   My first  "official" album Funk Lounge was released  several years after. To date I have produced 6 albums and have recorded over 100 original songs.   For music and a FREE download from The Acid Bat Project visit:

DESIGNER:        The Acid Bat Project experience inspired  me to the  realization of  endless possibilities that could be achieved with a computer.   As an artist,  being original, is  the purpose of our craft.   As a t-shirt lover, I have been  designing  shirts for my business,  ABR,    since 2006.    In 2019, I designed several different shirts to commemorate the business's 15th anniversary.   After countless request by customers to purchase  my  designed  shirts, I decided to launch  a  T- shirt company that would encompass all that I have to offer.     Art,  music and a colorful outlook on life in which humor reigns supreme.     Fuckinuts is an outrageously humorous brand that compels you  to be original.   Bold and colorful designs guaranteed to make a statement.   You'll be the hit of the party when you unleash the crazy with a Fuckinuts  t-shirt.   Go on... We dare you to get  NUTS!   Fuckinuts!


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